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Hanisch Family Chiropractic

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Located first building NW of Wells Fargo, enter from Douglas Ave or Beaver Ave

One of the best chiropractors and guys I've ever met in my life, he makes sure every visit that you leave with a smile, I've been going to him for almost 3 years now, we both understand he can't fix everything but he sure does help me get through in my hard times, he's a great man who served our country to protect us and now he's here to help fix us! Thank you again for everything

- South Des Moines Patient

Dr. Josh has been a life saver for me.  Guess I should say a shoulder saver!  After living with shoulder pain for several years, I decided to try a chiropractor. I had seen a regular Dr. and even had a cortizone in the shouldler.  By the way, that is not fun!   I met Dr. Hanisch and gave him a try. It was a great decision on my part.  I will admit that it took some talking on his part !  The relief has been wonderful.  He takes the time to listen and really cares about helping you.  I don't have to go back every week as some chriopractors have you.  I can go back any time I need too, but every three weeks seems to work for me.  If you need a chiropractor, go see Dr.  Hanisch.  You will not regret your decision.

- Clive, IA Patient

Dr. Hanisch,

I thought we should tell you that my wife and I have had much less pain and discomfort since we began seeing you as our Chiropractor . Thank you for taking the time to work with each of us for our independent issues! Each day is much better for us than for a long while!

- Larry & Norma, Des Moines, IA

To start I don't like the idea of someone messing with my back. .I can honestly say I have gone almost 54 years without seeing a chiropractor.  Then a bad sciatic nerve happened. . My regular doctor said do exercises.  After 5 weeks of horrible pain, I finally got recommended to Dr Joshua. ..a life saver... !   After maybe 3 visits no more pain! Awesome Relief.!   Definitely worth going to and I continue to go. A professional who makes me feel at home and knows what he is doing. ..and having a receptionist so is very friendly and caring also helps. Thank you Dr . Joshua and Miss Natalie.  Don't wait, get relief and peace of mind.

- Awesome Relief, Des Moines, IA

Hanisch Family Chiropractic provides top-notch care in a warm and welcoming environment.  I had been in constant discomfort before Dr. Hanisch started treating me but have been pain-free for over two years now.

- Pain Free Patient, Des Moines

Josh is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable professionals I have ever met. I have known Josh throughout his entire career as a chiropractor. From day one of school at the nation's leading chiropractic college through today, Josh has retained his pursuit to be the best chiropractor in the nation. His desire to passionately serve all who come to see him is exemplified through the loving relationship he establishes with the families of his clients. When it comes to chiropractic care and more,  there is no one I trust more than Dr. Hanisch and no one I am more proud to know.

- Anthony Myers

Hanisch Chiropractic is hands down the best thing I have done for my body and overall health. Dr. Hanisch and his lovely receptionist, Natalie, provide great customer service. Safe and reliable care when searching for a chiropractor is extremely important, and Hanisch Chiropractic provides that for all of their clients. I highly recommend going to see Dr. Hanisch if you have a spine.

- Martin Cervantez

I love Dr. Hanisch! I worked with chronic back and shoulder pain for years. It was so bad that by the end of the day just walking/bending over was difficult and painful. I have been seeing Dr. Hanisch for adjustments for a little while now and I feel like a completely new person! Would recommend him to anyone!

- Katelyn Schreiber

I have been seeing Josh for over a year and half now, he is just amazing.  He has my body feeling good, he knows when my body needs work.  Dr. Josh is one of a kind and will help get you the solution you need not add to the problem

- Brandy Luing

I've been seeing josh as a patient for a couple years now! He's amazing always knows when my body needs work! He's even helped me with finding doctors to help me with other medical issues! And he gives the best life advice!!! He's truly become a friend! I highly recommend going to hanish family chiropractic!

- Krystal Fergusson

Dr. Josh is a great friendly chiro.  He can always adjust me and that isn't always easy.  He is easy to get in to see and is always able to help.  Happy I was referred to him so I always return the favor.

- Rick Yoder

Dr.Josh can do amazing things. He's not your out of the box chiropractor. He takes his practice very seriously and his detail and attention to your personal needs truly differentiates him from others in his field. I highly recommend him!

- Brad Thompson

I have gone to this office for two years. I had previously broken my back and have struggled with daily pain because of it. Dr. Hanisch greatly reduced my pain and increased my mobility. I would recommend anyone within my group of friends and family to see Josh.

- Jeff Primo

I highly recommend Josh! He's helped keep my body feeling great for my bodybuilding training. Him and Natalie provide an amazing service!

- Sarah Schwendamann

Dr. Hanisch helped me a ton with my neck and back!  I came to him after a bad neck injury and he made my neck mobile again!  I'll never go to another chiropractor!

- Becky Hall