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Hanisch Family Chiropractic

At some point in life, almost every person suffers from neck or back pain. Unfortunately, an overwhelming number of adults suffer from chronic back pain, neck pain, and headaches.


While most general practitioners rely on prescription medications, we take a more natural approach. You'll receive effective care that's 100% safe and natural and has no harmful

side effects.


Let us identify the cause of your pain

You'll find that we take the time to not just treat the symptoms of your pain, but to also identify the cause of your pain. Whether it's a health condition or your lifestyle choices, we can help relieve pain in your lower back, mid back, and neck, as well as help alleviate chronic headaches caused by misalignments.

 •  Poor posture

 •  Increases in prolonged sitting (e.g. sitting at a desk all day)

 •  Improper care after an accident

 •  Strain caused by poor lifting techniques

 •  Lack of preventative care and spinal checkups

 •  Lack of rehabilitation after an injury

 •  Auto accidents

 •  Workplace injuries

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We can help treat your pain caused by a number of problems like:

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Located first building NW of Wells Fargo, enter from Douglas Ave or Beaver Ave

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Hanisch Family Chiropractic provides top-notch care in a warm and welcoming environment.  I had been in constant discomfort before Dr. Hanisch started treating me but have been pain-free for over two years now.

- Pain Free Patient, Des Moines